Our Family...

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bkgclwchips.jpg (372425 bytes) This is one of my all-time favorites, and I think Chris' too! He was about 2 or 3, and we were at the Franklin Park Zoo with my mother. She was trying to take a picture of us, but Chris was holding a bag of chips. She kept telling Chris to move the chips so they weren't blocking my face - so he kept trying to intentionally do so!
bojo.jpg (171914 bytes) My Grandparents, at out wedding.
kagcollege.jpg (41358 bytes) Kathryn, my wife, in college
bkgclwkim.jpg (137172 bytes) Me, Chris and Kim at Kim's graduation
cousins.jpg (178923 bytes) Me and all my cousins (except Rachel and Evelyn) sometime around 1973.
bkgjail.jpg (112348 bytes)bkgandy.jpg (41531 bytes)bkgclgguitar.jpg (44339 bytes) Here are some assorted pictures from when I was little.
candyhouse.jpg (204423 bytes)bkgkim.jpg (126469 bytes) Kim and Me
auntie.jpg (39418 bytes) Kathryn's Late-Great Aunt Helen Huston
chris.gif (661416 bytes) Chris after a Freshman Football game against Plymouth South. With Me, Kathryn and Kim
bkgtg2000.jpg (95171 bytes)thanksgiving4.jpg (103309 bytes)chrisspoons.jpg (113449 bytes) thanksgiving.jpg (102660 bytes)thanksgiving2.jpg (105246 bytes) Thanksgiving, 1998

We were joined by Kathryn's parents (Bob and Judy), my mother Carol, sister Kim, brother Chris, and by our good friends Nitin and Shilpa.
lexboat.jpg (107558 bytes) My father on our boat, holding the boat in place going through the Gridley locks on Boston Harbor
melindaandbrad.jpg (76028 bytes) Kathryn's Sister-in-Law Melinda with our nephew Brad.
sean.jpg (42345 bytes) SeanShannon.jpg (80639 bytes) shannon.jpg (51625 bytes)   shannon2.jpg (37227 bytes) Our nephew and niece, Sean and Shannon
dadwedding.jpg (53023 bytes) My father and I at his wedding.
Kathryn's Cat
Kathryn & her father
Kathryn and I on her company outing at Dragon Systems
Me paying tribute to Elvis

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