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I grew up in Needham, Massachusetts but spent most of my High-School years at the DeSisto Schools in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and Howie-in-the-Hills, Florida. I then went to Northeastern University in Boston, majoring in Electrical Engineering. I was a principal at a company called Optical Access International, and later founded Logo. I then worked at Storigen Systems until they went down the drain, then Acopia Networks, Empirix, SeaChange International, and now EMC. I am a member of Make It Labs, a hackerspace, a leader in the Boy Scouts of America where I serve as the Communications Chairman for the Arrowhead District, and a licensed Amature Radio operator (Callsign K1BKG). I live in New Hampshire with my wife Kathryn, our daughters Zoe and Eden, and our son Noah.

My World:

Our WeddingI got married in 1998 - you can see my wedding photos here. My wife Kathryn and I met at college (Northeastern University) and were friends for a few years, then went out for a few years, then were engaged for a few years, then finally tied the knot! We live outside Boston.

ZoeWe have two beautiful daughters named Zoe and Eden, and a wonderful son named Noah. They are so amazing! They change and grow sooo much that it is impossible to keep up with their web pages - but there are a few (of MANY) good pictures of them there.


Hellfish, Our BoatWe got a boat a few years ago, and named it "Hellfish" (after an obscure character from "The Simpsons" of which I am a huge fan.) You can see some boat pictures here. We also took the boat on vacation this past summer, and kept a live travel log, updating our position from my Wireless Palm VII. You can see the travel log and vacation photos here.


Work One of the loves of my life has always been computers. I have been doing hardware and software work since I was 11 - and had be first contract software job when I was 12! I started on the old Apple ][+, and then the PDP-11, and moved into bigger and better things over the years. I have done a ton of various stuff - a lot of PDA stuff (my most popular working being PDA Toolbox - and some Blackberry shareware. These days, I focus mainly on things like embedded systems, Kernel-level, Linux, device drivers, etc. I guess it's the control-freak in me that likes to stay down at the lowest level of things where your not relying on anything underneath you that you don't have control over. By the same token, I do a lot of very "high" level work with things like AJAX, JavaScript, etc - though mostly as a means to control/monitor/interact with my lower-level stuff. Granted, one of the coolest projects I did was collecting and importing all the FAA and Military US airspace databases into a system I integrated with Google Maps - it draws airspaces rings, dynamically creates airport correct airport icons, etc. (It's not available on this site, because of the size of the databases. It's on my home server though, drop me a line if you want to see it. A version of it with a subset of the functionality is here)

I am very cross-functional between hardware and software engineering - so I also like to be at the level where I can work in both domains. I have been the Chief Technology Officer and founder of a couple companies, Optical Access Internationa and Logo for about 10 years. We made some phenominal products - very small, high-powered NAS controllers (pictured on right,) SCSI-to-IDE controllers, and things of the such. In 2000 when the whole market dried up and we ran out of money and went out of business. (You live, you learn...) I have pretty much stayed in the Storage space through my whole career, (I can't escape it!) So thenwent to work at Storigen systems - and when they vaporized to Acopia Networks. I then worked at Empirix working on VoIP test equipment on Linux and at SeaChange International, who makes broadcast and cable-TV video products, working primarily in their storage and Video-On-Demand division.

I am now at EMC which is now part of Dell where I work on a bunch of new "next generation" data storage products, focusing on Kernel, Datapath, Flash, RDMA, and virtualization, among some other stuff..

I've put together a small portfolio of products I've developed over the years if you want to take a look.

Here is also a home project I did, designing an outdoor chrismas lighting controller, Dimwatt


Brad flying WarriorOne of my main passions is aviation. Wether it's flying actual planes, building, flying and designing model planes and helicopters, building a full-sized flight simulator in my basement - I love all of it!

Well...almost all of it. There is of course the fact that I am absolutley terrified of flying! So much so that I have not been in a commercial plane in about ten years! On the flipside of this is the fact that I am working on my Pilot's License. Needless to say - the hardest part of this has been overcoming my fear of flying - which I hope will pass. You can view some maps and GPS tracks of my flights here - (a nifty page I created with Google Maps to overlay airport/airspace data and GPS tracks.)

You can also check out all  my airplanes here. I have a pretty popular site on the Hornet helicopter. Another big pasttime of mine was Palm software development. I have been out of it for a while, but have several very popular titles which are of my creation. It is a pretty cool feeling when you can go into any bookstore and find yourself written up in several books! You can see my Palm Software Here. I now use a Blackberry as my phone/PDA and have several popular titles available for it.  


Friends & FamilyI have a collection of photos of friends and family online, but it is pretty small. I just got a scanner and am in the process of augmenting my online collection! I am also very into Bonsai gardening, and have had several plants under my care for many years. Some plants I grew from "scratch", transplanting them from another tree. I dont have any pictures of my Bonsais yet - although I think they are in the background of some of the photos with Bear and Moose.


Bear & MooseI have a stuffed Bear and a stuffed Moose, both of which I am quite fond of. Its a long story - Kathryn bought me the Moose for christmas one year - it was more of a decoration on the wrapping of another present, or a stocking stuffer. (He is only about 4 inches tall!) I grew too attached to him, so she bought the Bear to keep Moose company, so I wouldn't pay so much attention to him! It backfired and now I pay too much attention to both of them! We call them flanimals because the are made of flannel. They each have their own pages where you can see some of their antics! [Bear's Page] [Moose's Page]


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Brad's Lists

The following are a few running lists that I keep on by Blackberry, and am constantly adding to. Whenever something happens worthy of making one of these lists - I immediatly jot it down. They are many years in the making!




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