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Direct Network Connect Solutions

The Nightshade board is similar to a dedicated file server that specializes in performing a single task: providing users with simultaneous access to CD-ROM drives. All necessary hardware and software is provided to make the direct network connection. Each Nightshade is a self-contained, Ethernet-ready server that combines blistering speed with the convenience of connecting directly to your network. Sustaining network transfer rates of over 1 MB/second, the Nightshade is limited only by the speed of Ethernet. Systems built around the Nightshade require no configuration, install in 30 seconds and costs a fraction of Pentium-based systems.

Barrier-breaking Performance
The Nightshade is the first direct network attached CD-ROM server to break the 1 MB/second data transfer barrier. Nightshade's performance rivals a high performance Pentium-based NetWare or Microsoft Windows NT server. Its transfer rate of up to 1.2 MB/second is 10 times faster than existing systems and is close to the maximum transfer rate of the network. Nightshade attributes its speed to its high-performance architecture. An onboard Intel i960 RISC based microprocessor provides ample horsepower for OAI's own I/O based microkernel which lets Nightshade's OS provide the speed of a "full blown" file server, with the flexibility and simplicity one would expect from a network-attach device. Each system incorporates high performance RISC processing, a network interface, up to 64 megabytes of RAM and multiple high performance SCSI interfaces.

Just Plug It In
Simplicity of installation is key to the Nightshade. With its ability to automatically configure, installation occurs in 30 seconds with no network downtime and no software to install. Once connected to the network, the Nightshade system appears as any other network file server. No custom client software is required. Users do not need to learn new commands or interfaces to access the Nightshade. For example, Windows 95 users access the server by clicking on the Network Neighborhood icon. CD-ROM drives appear as they would with any file server. Windows 3.1 users would access the server through the File Manager.

Features of Nightshade

Performance: over 1 MB/second network transfer rate

Fully configured file server connects directly to the network

Plug and play 30 second installation

Turbo CD/33x option for even faster access, 10-15 times faster then CD-ROM Drives

SafeSwapTM provides fault-tolerant, hot-swapping of CD-ROM drives

Up to 14 SCSI devices, 112 with OAI's SCSIplex system

Included NSadmin software to configure users, groups and security

Volume Splicing

Support for mini jukeboxes

Staggered device spin-up

Supports SCSI disconnect/reconnect

RS-232 serial port

Firmware flash-upgradeable EEROM

Options for LEDs and alpha-numeric displays

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