Brad's Model Aircraft

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PlaneHeliField2.JPG (162844 bytes)  
yellowplane.JPG (141558 bytes) This is a Great Planes Trainer-60. It was built by my business partner Steve Wolsky around 1994, and we finally got around to flying it in 1999! We put the Alcita Technologies logo (our company) on it, so Moose wanted to model with it for the picture...
HeliAtField2.JPG (121070 bytes)  heli2.JPG (176543 bytes) This is a Nexus 30 which I bought used. I have crashed it twice so far, so I've done some serious rebuilding! 
Nexus.jpg (649907 bytes) This is the Nexus after I replaced and detailed the body and tail fins.
PlaneWing.jpg (127225 bytes) This is my friend Jason's airplane - it is a Thunder Tiger-40 trainer. He grew bored with its performance after a while, so I built him a new wing (shown here) which runs at a higher speed, better inverted performance, and is a bit more acrobatic.
LawnCub.jpg (571451 bytes) This is my GWS J-3 Lawn Cub that Jason bought me for Christmas! It is an excellent little plane - about a 15-20 minute flight off of a battery charge. And it flies slowly and quietly enough to fly at a part (as opposed to an official R/C airfield.) I have even flow this in our apartment's garage!
HornetPhoto5.jpg (95221 bytes) This is my Hornet micro electric helicopter. I fly this in our garage all the time! I have an entire web site dedicated to this heli at 
PlaneAtField2.JPG (301004 bytes)  PlaneAtField.JPG (298558 bytes) This is my Great Planes Extra Special-40 which I built from a kit. I have flow this guy probably about 30 times so far, but it is still a bit out of my league.
BearandPlane.JPG (163791 bytes) This is Bear's exact replica of my Extra Special-40. (You can see my plane in the background)
Moose&Plane.JPG (224260 bytes) This is Moose's "exact replica" of Bear's exact replica of my Extra Special-40. (Both planes are in the background)

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