Flash Animation Gallery
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Zoe This is a concept Zoe came up with in a drawing, so I just animated it. zoe2.sfw
Noah The inspiration for this was a story I made up and tell Noah all the time about a buffalo named Fred who hops on a train and goes to the city. The train is modeled after a little wooden one that sits in his room. noah.sfw
Brad I sat down at the computer starting from a blank slate, and Noah told me what to do - step by step.. brad.sfw
Eden I made this for Eden eden.sfw
Trip to Florida Everyone is going to Florida - so I made this animation for them to show them their trip ahead! Plane.sfw
Robotic Engine This was an animation made, inspired by a song Zoe wrote called "Robotic Engine". RoboticEngine.sfw
Zen Simple little morph of names zen.sfw
Full animated short "movie"

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